What do Gollmann customers have to say?

Just a few of the immediate benefits cited by pharmacy representatives using the Gollmann GO.compact include:

  • Increased revenue opportunities
  • Higher profits
  • No more expired stock
  • More contact with customer
  • Much more efficient operations
  • 100% script accuracy
  • Flexible storage
“Every day that I’ve had [the Gollmann robot] in here, it’s been making money for me.”
Jenny Milner
director & pharmacist
“We had times when we were doing it the old way without the robot, when we just had a whole lot of scripts stacked up behind us and people waiting, people going away. That doesn’t happen anymore.”
Marsha Watson


The GO.compact is a compact and flexible automated dispensing system for pharmacies of all sizes. Its patented automated roll-fronted compactor system allows the GO.compact to accommodate more packs per metre of body length.

Because we understand that the system has to fit your pharmacy – and not the other way around – the GO.compact can be designed and built to your required heights, widths and lengths. Our goal is to help you achieve yours, while keeping the cost of conversion low, and return on investment high.

The results speak for themselves.

Sliding Cabinet System

Gollmann’s automated roll-fronted compactor system offers significantly more storage space compared to conventional shelving. Our goal is to give pharmacies the biggest storage volume, with the smallest footprint.


The result is absolute efficiency. 



The GO.direct offers a solution to all your space problems.

The Gollmann automated dispensing system can be built to optimise space in your pharmacy. For example, the system can be installed directly behind the medicine display wall, so dispensing of stored products takes place directly on the automated system, as well as at any location in the room using optional conveyor technology.

The back of the automated system can then be used for working or storage areas.

As is the case with all models of the GO.compact series, the GO.direct can be built to accommodate the widths, lengths and heights that your space situation allows. The result, is a huge saving in modification and conversion costs.

The GO.direct also uses the trusted roll-fronted cabinet principle, known for its space-saving capability.

That’s flexibility.

Service and Operation

Service & Operation

Our priority is to ensure you always have a reliable dispensing system that brings ultimate value to your pharmacy.

Our Customer Service team in South Africa monitors your system to ensure that it operates smoothly at all times. Our service success lies in proactive regular maintenance, daily verification of system parameters, the use of industrial components of the highest quality and highly trained service staff.

Industrial & Commercial

Automating with the GO.compact results in significant cost reduction in the handling of small items. In addition, the GO.compact offers permanent inventory and stock checking, reliable access control, integration and adaptable conveyor technology, IT infrastructure and products. The benefits are invaluable. 

Further Features

Manual Side-Loading Module

With a manual side-loading module that can be placed anywhere on the side of the GO.compact system, the solving of issues related to spatially difficult areas is always achievable.

Automated Loading

The automated loading module facilitates loading in just minutes. The system also loads independently and identifies expiry dates when these are printed in a data matrix mode. The automated loading module also allow the GO.compact to be retrofitted.


Using conveyor technology, the requested package arrives safely at the chosen dispensing point. We work with you to find the optimal transport route. It is also possible to cover conveyors, as well as paint them in a colour of your choice, for aesthetic purposes and to reduce transport noise.

Output Technology

Dispensing points – the points that are visible to your customers – need to look good. We customise these for you, according to how you want them to look, whether in transparent plastic or painted metal. These are also available as an automated double or triple dispensing point or on the side of the system.

Double Gripper

The GO.compact can be fitted with a second gripper for maximum performance. This significantly improves storing and dispensing processes. The double gripper can also be retrofitted in selective housing sizes.

Refrigerated Storage

The GO.compact can also safely store and dispense products that require refrigeration. The Temperature Logger is used to ensure that the regelation is not interrupted.

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