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PBSA Health

pbsa health, part of the pbsa group, focuses exclusively on the healthcare industry, with its emphasis on digitisation and automation. Solutions include digital signature software that enables electronic prescriptions, and sophisticated modernisation equipment that automates the dispensation of patient medication at pharmacies and pharmaceutical warehouses.


pbsa health has teamed up with Germany-based pharmacy-modernisation company, Gollmann, to bring European automation technology to pharmacies of all sizes in Southern Africa.   

A leading player in the automation industry, Gollmann’s strengths lie in its precision work and wide-ranging expertise in engineering and technology. The company’s operations focus on the economic automation of storage and dispensation of small products with high complexity, quantity and variety.

One of Gollmann’s latest products, the revolutionary GO.compact, is a compact and flexible automated dispensing system for pharmacies. Thanks to its patented automated roll-fronted compactor system, GO.compact can accommodate more packs per metre of body length than ever before. Currently, the GO.compact system is seeing in excess of 200 installations per year, in 15 different countries across three continents.

The GO.compact is designed to fit each individual customer’s pharmacy, so Gollmann custom builds the GO.compact to available height, width and length specifications. Gollmann aims to optimise profitability by keeping the cost of conversion low, and return on investment quick.   

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APD Systems

PBSA Health has teamed up with Spain-based engineering company, APD Systems, to bring its cutting-edge solutions to the South-African market.

APD Systems provides complete pharmaceutical management hardware and integrated software solutions for hospitals pharmacies.  With over 40 years on innovation, its tailor-made solutions have been helping hospitals reduce inventory shrinkages and increase dispensing efficiencies with increased accuracy.


Air Purifiers

Ideal air cleaners feature innovative filter technology that reliably removes harmful pollutants and allergens from the air. Because our lungs are not designed to be filters for polluted indoor air, Ideal’s air filtration systems remove even the smallest particles, such as pathogens and chemical compounds, from indoor air. In fact, the highly effective filter technology cleans indoor air by almost 100%. The OptiFlow system also catches particles that are further away, and optimally distributes clean air in the room in which the air purifier is placed.

Made in Germany, where they have been given a medical stamp of approval, our air purifiers are significantly more effective than manual air ventilation methods and can be used at home and in work environments.



Air Cleaning at its purest

We spend 90 % of our time indoors. Depending on our age and degree of physical activity, we inhale 10 to 20 cubic metres of air every day. This equates to a mass of 12 to 24 kilograms – much more than what we consume through food and drinking water.



Digital Signatures

pbsa’s SigniFlow™ software features an innovative workflow and cryptographic advanced electronic signature-engine that works, either on its own, or fully integrated with existing core-software systems. SigniFlow utilises the most advanced & trusted digital signature technologies known to man.

SigniFlow’s partnerships with some of South Africa’s leading healthcare technology companies have been instrumental in the drive to digitise doctors’ prescriptions.

SigniFlow affirms total compliance with the relevant legislation – including the Medicines and Related Substances Act of 1965 and the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act of 2002 – when integrating with software that produces electronic scripts.