Gollmann pharmacy robot: Empowering people

gollmann pharmacy robot enhances the lives of pharmacisits and their customers
The Gollmann pharmacy robot enhances the lives of pharmacists and their customers

The word “automation” has gotten a bad rap lately, because of misinformation that has caused many to fear it means robots will take their jobs.

But this could not be further from the truth.

In Harvard Business Review’s article entitled Why robots won’t steal your job, the author states: “The more computers are trained to conduct high-repetitive tasks that are often assigned to entry-level employees, the more roles focused on complex tasks with competitive salaries will arise in their place.”

Additionally, a recent study conducted by the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania found that it was in fact the companies that failed to adopt automation that saw the biggest impact in terms of job losses. “The data show that increased automation leads to more hiring overall. That’s because robot-adopting firms become so much more productive that they need more people to meet the increased demand in production.”

Gollmann: Boosting jobs, making happier customers

The Gollmann pharmacy robot is a prime example of how automation enhances the roles humans play in their workplace – as opposed to making them redundant.

A leading player in the automation industry, Gollmann’s operations focus on the economic automation of storage and dispensation of small products with high complexity, quantity and variety.  

For over a decade now, the Gollmann robot has been helping pharmacies of all sizes automate their operations, so that their workforce can be more productive, and more customer focused.

Gollmann’s patented roll-fronted cabinet assists pharmacists in becoming more efficient, which is directly linked to job satisfaction, as well as higher employee output and loyalty.

This, in turn, means happier customers, because employees are able to offer a much better, more personalised service.

With a focus on people – the pharmacist and the customer alike – Gollmann prizes patient care highly, and so this is reflected in its automatic dispensing solution, which:

  • Manages stock to
    • Protect the pharmacist (less stock expiry & disappearance
    • Protect the customer (ensuring prescriptions are filled accurately and timeously)
  • Greatly increases the pharmacy’s efficiency by
    • Automatically retrieving stock required and delivering it directly to the pharmacist’s counter – saving the pharmacist time and effort and increasing accuracy levels
    •  Allowing stock take to be done at the push of a button, again saving the pharmacist a significant amount of time
    • Automatically restocking items into the cabinet
  • Enhances the customer experience by
    • Reducing turnaround times for dispensing
    • Offering a personalised experience
    • Creating a clean, organised environment
    • Making more products and services available to them

And, of course, every successful business needs to consider their own reputation and bottom line – which the Gollmann solution also takes care of:

  • Higher profitability
    • Serving more customers in less time
    • Giving customers more time to browse front shop products
    • Reducing shrinkages
  • Enhanced pharmacy reputation and customer-facing image
    • Superior service, which spreads via word-of-mouth testimony
    • Project a modern, professional image with the highly aesthetic Gollmann installation

Automation is not the enemy

If you want to make your employees and your customers happy and create a business that is both profitable and driven by people at the height of their efficiency, you need to automate.

And it is conclusive: Robots are not replacing employees. On the contrary, research shows that increased automation leads to more hiring.

Gollmann’s automated dispensing system will transform your pharmacy – no matter the size – into a fully automated, cutting-edge outfit that is able to offer a faster, better and more personalised service driven by employees

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