APD: Tailormade IT solutions for the hospital industry

APD is an end-to-end hospital automation solution that provides hospital pharmacists with comprehensive medication management solutions. The solution reduces medication expenditure, improves stock management and control, and ultimately enhances the services hospitals are able to deliver to their patients.

APD’s primary objective is to improve the traceability of medicines within the Hospital Supply Chain, by making medication data available at all times, such as medication location, lot, expiration and/or serial number information.



  1. Athos™ inBOT: An identification system for medicines, applying Data Matrix and/or RFID labels.
  2. Athos™ RFID, Athos™ Zone & Athos™ Storage: Medicine storage systems that enable management, control and safety, and security of stock.
  3. Athos™ uniBOT: Automated medicine cutting and repacking system.
  4. Athos™ Dosys: Automatic dispensing cabinets that increase security and availability of medicines.
  5. Athos™ moBIT: Bedside administration system that alerts of possible issues around allergies, posology, etc.